The Button

How do I get a button?

The Minte partners with property managers to bring our service to residential buildings. If we’re in your building, your button has been installed and you can connect via the instructions below. If not, click here to let your property manager know you’d like Minte service added to your building.

Button Setup

  1. Create an account. This allows us to tie your information to your unit and button.
  2. Press and hold the button until a blue blinking light appears, approximately 5 seconds.
  3. Go to your wi-fi connections. Click on the wi-fi network 'Button ConfigureMe-xxx'.
  4. The first time connecting to the button's Wi-Fi, you will be prompted for a password. Type in this code (no spaces, no dashes).
  5. In the browser, navigate to the configuration page
  6. Find your personal wi-fi network in the dropdown and type in your password. This is connecting the button to wi-fi.
  7. Check the Terms and Conditions checkbox, if unchecked.
  8. Click Configure. Your button will now blink white and green.

For assistance, or to have The Minte connect your button,
contact us.