The Hotel-Style clean is a quick and efficient “tidy-up” to maintain your home. This service involves straightening up the apartment, making the bed(s), loading the dishwasher, wiping down countertops, cleaning the bathroom(s) and vacuuming the floors. The Deep Clean a classic clean that includes all tasks provided in a Hotel-Style clean with the addition of detailed dusting, scrubbing the shower and bath, mopping the floors, wiping appliances, cabinets, and baseboards, and vacuuming any upholstery.If you are unsure of which service may be the best option for your home, please feel free to call customer service and we’d be happy to point you in the right direction.

A “package” is a subscription service that allows you to schedule your choice of services over a four week period, starting on the first week after booking. Packages renew automatically, reserving a spot for your preferred schedule over the each upcoming four week cycle. Package users can also receive up to 15% off the à la carte booking prices.

An “à la carte” service is a one-time Hotel-Style or Deep Clean service that can be scheduled in advance, or any time before 2pm on the day of service, pending availability.

Although all packages renew automatically at the end of each 4-week cycle, adjustments can always be made to the package on your account. Upgrading a package will take into effect immediately, whereas downgrading a package will take into effect once the current package reaches the end of the 4-week cycle. Keep in mind, however, that any modifications to the type of service scheduled or dates selected, are subject to availability.

The Minte housekeepers will be happy to load your dishwasher, however, hand washing of dishes is not included in our services. All of our residents have unique preferences for their the location of their clean dishes. In order to respect those preferences, our housekeepers do not put clean dishes away. We ask that the dishwasher be emptied before your service. Additionally, we will not run the dishwasher to avoid any of your items from being damaged accidentally.

The Minte has a strict process in place for managing any potential theft. We will thoroughly investigate the situation, and will provide compensation where deemed appropriate. The Minte is insured and bonded to handle such situations.

The Minte partners with property management companies to take this burden off of you. When you sign up with The Minte, we will keep a second copy of your key on site, in the building, to use when you request service.

You are not required to be present during your scheduled clean. In fact, most of our clients are not. However, in order to access your home, there are two steps that must be completed: Complete the online “Key Release” form available during your account sign-up process. Follow your property’s key release or permission to enter process. Common examples include: authorization via resident online portal and/or providing a copy of your key to management or front desk staff. It is the responsibility of each client to meet property specific requirements to grant The Minte access to the apartment. If your housekeeper is unable to enter your home due to failure in following your property’s key release guidelines, the service will be cancelled. The Minte will not issue a refund and does not guarantee future availability for rescheduling the service.

We are a pet-friendly company. To ensure that we are able to clean your home to the best of our ability, we do have a few guidelines:

If your pet is territorial, overly friendly, or afraid of vacuum cleaners, we request they be placed in a safe, enclosed area where we will not be working. We will contact you if there is a situation where your housekeeper feels unsafe or is unable to clean all areas of your home. This may require us to reschedule your service to another time when the pet can be secured or not present.

We do not clean up any animal waste due to concerns for the health and safety of our staff. In the instance your pet has such an accident, we will notify you so there are no surprises when you return to your “now Minted” home!

We thank you for helping us keep yours and your pet’s home in Minte condition!