Nope. This is included in the price of the service, just like a hotel.

A hotel-style clean is a quick tidy up that takes 20-50 minutes, depending on the size of your apartment. A deep clean is the traditional style of clean, which takes two to four hours.

The deep clean will include all of the extra details, like scrubbing the shower, using stainless steel wipes on the appliances, and vacuuming up dust in the corners.

There will be! Our app is currently being developed and will be ready in the coming months.

We are. Four different types of insurance, including bonding on the off chance something is damaged or stolen.

The Minte has a strict process in place for managing any potential theft. We will thoroughly investigate the situation, and will provide compensation where deemed appropriate. The Minte is insured and bonded to handle such situations.

The Minte partners with property management companies to take this burden off of you. When you sign up with The Minte, we will keep a second copy of your key on site, in the building, to use when you request service.

Due to The Minte’s unique pricing - based on frequency - we will run one transaction for your account at the end of each week.